Translucent Stickie Notes

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Plain sticky notes that can be written on. Translucent, allowing you to see what is underneath. Made with a sturdy film that does not tear easily and is excellent for note-taking. See-through notes call attention to information without covering text. Edit a document without permanently altering it. Write on and reposition easily. Removes cleanly without leaving a sticky residue. Uses water-based, as opposed to the chemical-based adhesives.

The translucent self-stick notes are qualified and practical, you can use them as gifts for your family, students, teachers, friends, coworkers and other people on Christmas, Thanksgiving, new semester and so on.

The sticky notes with lines are designed with transparent appearances, which won't block your content, suitable for taking notes and make the schedule, and different colors can emphasize different points.

Note size is 3in x 3in

Each pad contains 50 stickie notes