My Angel Has Paws Decal

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Decals are great for laptops, doors, car windows, tumblers, folders, mirrors, wood signs, metal signs, cell phones or any smooth surface you'd like!

**Price will vary if different size is requested**

**If different color other then black is wanted, please leave note when checking out**

***Pricing is based off the total width (in inches) of the decal. Pricing is for the total WIDTH of the decal (from left to right), not the height. All decals are kept to scale of the font, so the font choice and the width of the decal will determine the height of the decal***

-Each decal is weatherproof and they are great for outdoor and indoor use. These decals are NOT made for drywall and cannot be reused. If you are putting the decal on the back window of you car, place decal out of reach of wipers. If you are putting this decal on a cup/mug, gentle hand washing will be necessary to ensure long use of the vinyl. These decals are not intended for fabric.

Not recommended for: silicone, dry wall, un-painted flower pots, any bumpy/porous surface or non smooth surface.

-All decals are shipped with transfer tape and the following application instructions:
1. If placing on a glass surface: clean with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. If placing on wood: make sure wood is smooth. A thin layer of polyurethane will help the decal stick best, but is not needed.
2. Peel backing off transfer tape.
3. Place decal sticky side down onto the surface.
4. When in place, use a credit card to smooth it out.
5. Slowly remove the transfer tape.
6. Let it cure for 24-48 hours.